The conference entitled “Together for Agricultural Health and Safety” was organized under the aegis of SVLFG who took over the network’s presidency in 2015. In his welcome address, Enasp President, Mr. Blum, acknowledged the work carried out by the network during 10 years while emphasizing at the same time on the coming challenges to be met by social protection organizations.
In their presentations, the speakers’ panel, which was composed of scientists, stakeholders and representatives of European and international bodies in the field of social protection, stressed the importance of prevention regarding health and wellbeing of workers in agriculture.
This event gave Enasp members the opportunity to discuss their respective expectations for a renewed dynamic and an enhanced visibility of the network at the European level.
President Blum took the opportunity of this event to thank Mr. Gérard Pelhate for his commitment as Enasp President during all these years.

AG_plenary_2012As previous years, the European network of agricultural social protection systems held its annual meeting on 29 November, in Brussels. Mr. Pelhate, President of the network, welcomed Ms. Meier, the new President of the Austrian member organisation, named as successor to Mr. Donabauer who had been heading the Austrian organization for 24 years. Read more!