The conference entitled “Together for Agricultural Health and Safety” was organized under the aegis of SVLFG who took over the network’s presidency in 2015. In his welcome address, Enasp President, Mr. Blum, acknowledged the work carried out by the network during 10 years while emphasizing at the same time on the coming challenges to be met by social protection organizations.
In their presentations, the speakers’ panel, which was composed of scientists, stakeholders and representatives of European and international bodies in the field of social protection, stressed the importance of prevention regarding health and wellbeing of workers in agriculture.
This event gave Enasp members the opportunity to discuss their respective expectations for a renewed dynamic and an enhanced visibility of the network at the European level.
President Blum took the opportunity of this event to thank Mr. GĂ©rard Pelhate for his commitment as Enasp President during all these years.

ENASP contributes to the European commission consultation on EU social security coordination regarding posted workers

In it’s answer to the consultation, ENASP is in favor of the modernisation of the Regulation 883/2004 to better address the issue of fraud and abuses on posting by employers. For Enasp, the improvement of the managing of the A1 document is a necessity and the introduction of binding obligations upon the Member States to secure better enforcement could be an appropriate solution.

Enasp network 10th Plenary Assembly was held in Brussels on 8  December 2014. In his welcome address, beyond the economic crisis and the CAP reform – which are still topical subjects – the President mentioned the Russian embargo and its consequences on several production chains as well as this year’s climate hazards which have been harmful to European farmers. He reminded participants that this situation makes it all the more important for the network to accompany its respective agricultural populations implementing its role of defense of the rural world.

After having gone through 2014 activity report and the working program of next year, the issue at the core of the debates was in line with psycho social risks and resulted in several presentations on this topic.

Mr. Pelhate took the opportunity of his yearly meeting  to inform the participants that his term as President of the French MSA is coming to its end in 2015.

In the afternoon, Enasp participants met with Mr. Malosse, President of the European Economic and Social Committee. Rural Europe and existing gaps of social Europe were at the core of discussions with this consultative body representing the European civil society.

At the trade fair stand of the Social Insurance for Agriculture, Forestry and Horticulture (SVLFG) at the International Green Week in Berlin from January 16 to 25, 2015 the entire focus is on a healthy back.

Relief for your back is provided by an ideally adjusted driver’s seat. This is demonstrated by the SVLFG on their campaign stage at the ErlebnisBauernhof (‚Farm Experience‘) in Hall 3.2. A vibration simulator mimics either driving a forklift truck, a wheel loader or an agriculture tractor. A display shows how the driver’s seat has to be adjusted to reduce the vibrations of the body and thereby minimise the stress on one’s back. Lifting and carrying also represent a permanent hazard to your back. The SVLFG demonstrates with a vacuum lifting device with a sack suction gripper how to quickly and efficiently handle sacks containing 50 kg of animal feed or seed. The ergonomic one-hand operation means that working with the device is not detrimental to one’s health. At the same time visitors are shown how much easier it is to use bags weighing 25 kg and to lift and carry them correctly or use an ergonomic sack trolley. Finally, visitors to the stand can train their balance as well as their back muscles and coordination on so-called pedalos. Employees of the SVLFG are of course ready and waiting to answer all questions on the Agricultural Social Insurance at stand number 107.

Pilot seminar on stress has been successful!

In agriculture the need for stress management actions is growing. The Social Insurance for Agriculture, Forestry and Horticulture (SVLFG) is responding on this and offers its insured tailor-made stress seminars.

Not only seasonal peaks contribute to high strain in agricultural entrepreneurs and employees. Timeouts and holidays are often difficult to organize. Demands placed on individuals are increasing. At the same time the demands on quality of products and services are constantly mounting. The separation of work and leisure presents a specific challenge, especially in family led agricultural business due to the tight connection between occupational and private environments. Along with external stressors such as time and performance pressure, constant availability, competition and caring of relatives on the farm, stress arises from internal stressors as anxieties, in- and off-business conflicts as well as from disappointments and worries.

Against this backdrop SVLFG together with the agricultural chamber of North-Rhine Westphalia organized in September a first two day stress management seminar for agriculturists. “Running out of steam – find your balance between being self-motivated and drowning under pressure“, was the motto. The seminar focused on recognition of stress signals and coping strategies. The trainers received overwhelmingly positive feedback from participants. This encourages SVLFG to broaden its offers on this current issue.

Promoting the psychological health and stress-prevention are one of the SVLFG’s key concerns, stated Arnd Spahn, chairman of the board. “None of our insured should be left alone in cases of mental strain with its problems and questions.”

The renewal of key positions in the European Parliament was a valuable opportunity for Enasp network to highlight its characteristics and its demands in a memorandum.

Thus, it was sent to the Mep’s of two relevant comittees : the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Comittee and the Agriculture Committee. The document stresses seven key points of importance for Enasp such as the prevention of muskulo-skeletal disorders, the prevention and health promotion regarding agricultural diseases, the implementation of the Posting of Workers Directive…

Download the Memorandum ENASP Memorandum for the legislative term 2014-1