ASISP : Analytical Support on the socio-economic impact of  Social Protection Reforms
The European Commission has established an independent
expert network „ASISP“ which provides, through Annual national reports, up-to-date information on social protection developments, national debates, and present-day research in the fields of pensions, health, and long-term care.

In regards to their systems of social protection European countries are often facing similar challenges. Hence, an exchange of ideas on best practice solutions has increasingly gained in importance in the modernisation of the social protection systems.

Download the 2012 Synthesis reports on Pensions, Health Care and Long-term Care


AG_plenary_2012As previous years, the European network of agricultural social protection systems held its annual meeting on 29 November, in Brussels. Mr. Pelhate, President of the network, welcomed Ms. Meier, the new President of the Austrian member organisation, named as successor to Mr. Donabauer who had been heading the Austrian organization for 24 years. Read more!