ENASP contributes to the European commission consultation on EU social security coordination regarding posted workers

In it’s answer to the consultation, ENASP is in favor of the modernisation of the Regulation 883/2004 to better address the issue of fraud and abuses on posting by employers. For Enasp, the improvement of the managing of the A1 document is a necessity and the introduction of binding obligations upon the Member States to secure better enforcement could be an appropriate solution.

The renewal of key positions in the European Parliament was a valuable opportunity for Enasp network to highlight its characteristics and its demands in a memorandum.

Thus, it was sent to the Mep’s of two relevant comittees : the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Comittee and the Agriculture Committee. The document stresses seven key points of importance for Enasp such as the prevention of muskulo-skeletal disorders, the prevention and health promotion regarding agricultural diseases, the implementation of the Posting of Workers Directive…

Download the Memorandum ENASP Memorandum for the legislative term 2014-1