The study compiled by Krus with informations provided by the members of Enasp presents the tailor-made services and programmes that are designed to improve safety, health and development of agricultural populations, regardless of the age and health condition of its members as well as support for the daily lives of the citizens.

Main chapters :

  • services for children
  • services for elderly people
  • services for farmers in trouble
  • services for disabled people from rural areas
  • services for families from rural areas
  • other services for rural population (farmers‘ holyday scheme, occupational safety…)

Download : 

Study Tailor_made_services_Enasp_study_June_2016

Presentation Tailor_made_services_short_version_final



This leaflet, updated in October 2015,   shows at a glance the main data about the agricultural social protection systems in the European union. (4 pages in English and French)

In Europe, rural populations have specific needs: the nature of the economic activities, agriculture’s restructurings, the central place of agricultural families… Six countries (Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Greece and Poland) have chosen to give them autonomous social protection systems in order to answer these needs. They deal with the whole spectrum of social security: health, pensions, workplace accidents and occupational illnesses, family and/or services.

The network also welcomes observer members : Montenegro.

Download ENASP_Leaflet_2015_EN  ENASP_Leaflet_2015_FR